Britney Spears Goes to Bar for First Time at the age of 40: This is my first time. At a bar. The first time is you. Wheelchairs to that Britney Spears is checking off and overdue milestones. The forty-year-old pop princess revealed she finally went to a bar for the first time and documented the outing in a pair of Instagram stories this week alongside her assistant.

This is my first time. At a bar. First time. We are having. Little beverages. Britney beamed over getting to indulge in some long-awaited, relatable fun sporting oversized sunglasses and summery orange tank accessories with a cameo choker. And adding in her caption that she’s so grateful after being allegedly prohibited from drinking for 13 years under her past conservatorship.

A judge terminated the controversial arrangement back in November after a lengthy courtroom saga, and Britney has been forthcoming about her personal journey ever since, including the continued tense relationship with her family in the aftermath. But that hasn’t stopped her from moving forward and celebrating her new chapter. Earlier this month.

The icon reportedly recorded a tiny dancer duet with Elton John, marking her first new music in six years, and in June she married longtime boyfriend SAM as Gary in their southern California State. The paradigm and not in front of a reported 60 guests. Including celebrity pals Selena Gomez, Drew Barrymore, Madonna, and Paris.

The bride and groom exchanged vows in custom Versace garments and on television, she told Access Hollywood exclusively on her way inside the event what it was like creating such meaningful looks for the newlyweds. Do you have any good wishes for the happy Newlyweds, do. Let me invest that amazing together. So thank you. Thank you.

And how much fun did you have designing this dress for them? How much fun did you have designing the stress for them? I don’t think five minutes of a mushroom. Did they put in any touches, you know, like any special touches that you could maybe tell us about? Thank you.

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