Elon Musk wants to terminate Twitter's $44 Billion Deal
Elon Musk wants to terminate Twitter's $44 Billion Deal

In a tough week when you get a lot of bands and then we need to end with some great news. Oh, this is so fulfilling. It is so fulfilling and my mother tells us whether we want to have a little bit of the deal.

Forced him to talk about just a little bit of a millionaire and all right. You know, on the mother’s move to Friday afternoon, and then we have a billion dollars a bit available to buy like Twitter and the legacy of the process and we can deliver.

To buy a social media platform and then start amazing doubts about going through the field because of the box. Okay. And this whole issue with boxes and how many boxes around Twitter and if there is a real as they say and all those sorts of things of the kind of and so nonetheless, that is.

The Twitter ones that are dealing with clothes, you almost it does not want to deal with clothes. Okay, I had a boss out on the behalf of this one. I’m worth having probably two years now. I have posted maybe half of this video. Um.

Yeah, I gotta be honest. I love this in a massive amount of weight. Here’s the thing. All of us have a limit.

What do you mean by Elon Musk? This man, everyone’s password is 0. Um, you can also know a huge part of SpaceX. Right, is that learn the picture.

He’s obviously got boring companies. It’s got the satellite project. I’m sure you’ve got a bunch of everything is going to apply and then we are going to be in the middle of it. But if you have a few minutes off, you got to see some sort of social life, right. And also see if you have a lot of drawings, you know the beginning of the decision that it works as a video of a few hundred.

So nonetheless, circumstances are. Now, if this meeting was a bike twitter, it was actually going to try to run in this company. It was gonna suckle time from other things because once again. There’s always this most eliminating sort of he has to spend all of a sudden it was just not much time. Oh, but let’s see it’s 3 or three.

Then focus on three sets. So depending on Tesla, obviously, I’m just Chevrolet, so I care about the castle on the fleet of the castle over.

And so.In my opinion. Was gonna be a disaster. I ate this from the development here and I was gonna ride.

And trying to figure out how to fix it together, they can promise to that. I think it’s a mess and I’m like. Oh, okay, okay. Okay. So the next one is.

The Tesla screen is very commodity in my mind with the anonymous. Totally on an Elon Musk, it negatively is not affecting testimony to see if the things that have been deposited. Any normal citizen is positive out there by this personal brain.

It should help to have a source of gradient as well. Right, and so if anything went wrong. Putting a blade. I’m gonna blame Twitter if you’re gonna say Elon Musk, the strong nuclear platform that’s doing this. It’s not it’s censoring this bulletin bit over here. It starts doing this in the.

Dot dot dot com. Oh, yeah. I mean, that was going to be a nightmare. Absolutely. No, I don’t know. Isn’t it possible at least a little bit quicker to try to make you a must-buy?

And I will say this. Good luck going to see a lot of us lawyers. Okay, all the same.Good luck, everything.

Power in a mountain over him and it makes him try to force him.Good.That’s all I’ll say. I’m telling you, uh, I worked very closely with all the CC videos and, um. I was telling them to do that and I was, uh. Seeing the beauty and so all.

Good luck. Okay. I am so happy this deal is like they’re not gonna go. Because that was kind of a human being here so I can see if there’s no good news. I can end up coming out of that. I can promise you that and a whole lot of that was going to come out of that.

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