gary payton II
gary payton II

What is up guys You are ripped to your own bone and the blazers have finally made their first signing of this off-season and it is Gary pate in the second on the Golden State wares is sending a three-year. 28 million dollar deal, which will end up being around 9, nine and a half million dollars a year.

Which I believe will probably fall into the middle level of exception of the players have it is not confirmed yet.

But the blazers signed Gary pain the second, who brings defense and athleticism, something that drove crowded has obviously evaluated over his period as the GM his brother guys like Josh’s heart. He’s brought in guys obviously like Gary pain. The second is brown guys like Gerry grant that are going to bring defense and bring a lot of athleticism off.

Gary Payton led the league in steals for 36 minutes last year, so he brings it defensively and we saw him play a ton of valuable minutes this final run for the Golden State Warriors. So I think this is a very good pick-up for the blazers. He brings exactly what you need off the bench. The issue is he is another guard. He’s a 6-3 guardian.

That the blazers are kind of a stockpiling. I don’t want to get into this trend where the blazers just have a bunch of guards and then have to play under the skies at the three positions, which is probably what’s going to happen now because you obviously have Damon’s aunt starting at the one too off the bench. You’re going to have Josh’s heart probably Shane sharp will be playing some minutes and the night of Gary pay in the second. Which will probably push either heart or scene sharp.

2 to 3. Which is not really where you want them the most shame sharp might not be playing a lot of ministers’ work here and this could be a signal that they are kind of gonna take them super slow because they just want more time to develop and bring in Gary pay in the second just brings more depth off a bench at the guard position. Gary Payne the second actually was on the blazers when he was early in his career with the blazers who waved him so and it’s kind of funny how it’s a full circle that guy paid in a second and has come back to the blazers.

Says the words were unwilling to meet that high of a price tag for Gary to pay in the second and they decided that they were just going to let him walk and he did that and he is gonna get his money from the blazers who offered him his highest contract or the biggest contract of any team out there.

3 years, 28 million, that is a hefty price. If you look at it for a galaxy game, paying the second body brings a big need, which again is always defensive, you can never have too much defense and I think you’ll probably slot in at the backup point card rule. He didn’t play a lot of point cards last year, but he has played pointers in the past with the wizards and even as an organ.

So he’s fine handling the ball and he’s just one of those guys that can play down the stretch. You can be in your closing line if you need a defense of ace, which is what he was like with the warriors.

So I like to pick them up for Joe to chrome them. I like that is continuing to value defense and athleticism because that’s obviously the MBA is trending to a league full of athletes.

So I’m a fan of the signing. I hope we are not done. I hope we still bring in either a big or a daytime wing, not even a big-time wing, just a stall wing that could be in the rotation, but my prediction prior to free agency was obviously we were going to resign and we were going to resign a nerd.

And I said we were going to bring in two key rotation pieces that are going to be a part of the rotation full-time-like the season. I think European. The second is definitely going to be a part of the rotation and play some big amendments next year. So that checks one off the box.

So I’m glad we made a moving day 1 next is like I said, to sign that big resign neck and get ourselves a wing. I’ll be interested to see how this affects our cap space in the salary room and just everything that has to do with that. Yeah.

But all in all, I think it just gets a good signing and the players should be happy that they are bringing Gary paying the second on board, coming out below. What do you think about signing? Make sure to go for our Instagram where we are dropping these news reports, breaking news, and signings all day um on the script.

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