Ivana Trump, the first wife of former President Donald Trump, had died at the age of 73, Trump’s family confirmed in a statement.

In a statement posted on the Social Truth, Donald Trump called his first wife “An extraordinary, beautiful, and extraordinary woman who lives a great and inspirational life.”

Putra Ivana Eric Trump commemorates his mother in a post on Instagram.

“Our mother was an incredible woman — a force in business, a world-class athlete, a radiant beauty, and a caring mother and friend,” Eric Trump wrote. “She fled from communism and embraced this country. She taught her children about grit and toughness, compassion and determination.”

Ivana Trump was raised in Gottwaldov, Czechoslovakia, South Praha, according to her Biography at the CMG talent agency location around the world. He moved to Canada in the 1970s and worked as a ski instructor before starting a modeling career.

Marriage to Donald Trump

In 1976, he met Donald Trump on his way to New York. The couple married in 1977, according to the biography.

His first son, Donald Trump Jr., was born in the same year, followed by daughter Ivanka in 1981 and Eric’s son in 1984.

Ivana and Donald are often tabloid food and actively processing celebrity auras around their marriage.

Ivana Trump works as a vice president of interior design for the Trump organization. The design work includes Trump Tower, and he also serves as Chief Executive Officer of several Trump Hotel properties.

The destroyed couple’s marriage was splashed into the cover of the tabloid and they finally divorced in 1992.

Ivana Trump accused her husband to tear her hair raising her during their marriage, an incident described in the 1993 book loses a tycoon: The More Lives of Donald Trump, before she walked back the accusation in a statement given just before printing the book.

“[O] One opportunity during 1989, Mr. Trump and I had a marriage relationship where he behaved very differently to me than he had during our marriage,” he said. “As a woman, I feel violated, as love and tenderness, which he usually shows me, is not there. I call this ‘rape,’ but I don’t want my words to be interpreted as literal or crime.”

Donald Trump described the claim as “clearly wrong.”
After divorce, he remained at the center of attention, utilizing his fame by appearing in advertisements for national brands and launching cosmetic companies, including Ivana Haute Couture.

He aroused controversy after Trump’s election to the White House and called himself “First Lady” in an interview with ABC News.

“I have a direct number to the White House, but I don’t want to call him there because Melania is there and I don’t want to cause jealousy because basically, I am Trump’s first wife,” he said. “I’m the first lady.”

Ivana Trump left three adult children, Donald, Ivanka, and Eric, as well as several grandchildren.

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