R Kelly Sentenced to 30 Years in Prison for Sex Abuse
R Kelly Sentenced to 30 Years in Prison for Sex Abuse

News to bring to you here this afternoon. We do now know that R And B star r Kelly was sentenced to 30 years in prison. This happening on Wednesday for using his.

Fans, some just children to sexual abuse. He is 55 years old. He is a singer and songwriter he was now convicted of racketeering and sex trafficking last year at a trial that gave a voice to accusers.

If there are stories that were being ignored because they were black women. We did have one of the judges imposing the sentence after hearing from several survivors who arrested me who had attested to how Kelly’s exploitation had really affected them.

Of those individuals. An unnamed survivor just directly dressed Kelly who kept his hands. Folded his eyes downcast. Saying, you maybe do things that broke my spirit. I literally wish I would die because of it.

No, Kelly did not address the court a sentence caps a slow-motion fall for Kelly, who was adored by fans, and sold millions of albums even after allegations of his abuse of young girls have been served.

Quickly in the nineteen nineties. So this again just coming down here this afternoon. 1 is bringing it to all of our viewers who have been watching here with us live now from fox and are continuing to deny any wrongdoing. He didn’t testify at a trial.

So portrayed his accusers as girlfriends and groupies who weren’t forced to do anything against their will and stayed with him because they enjoyed the perks of his lifestyle. So R Kelly had been jailed. He’s been jailed without bail since 2019, still facing a child pronounce.

Of justice charges in Chicago where a trial date is set to begin on August 15th.

Hundreds of accusations said the sinker abused them. Kelly did not testify at his trial tonight, and one of his accusers expressed relief, saying, “I never thought I’d be here too.” Can be held accountable for the atrocities you committed upon children. And our colleague’s legal battle is done. His attorneys claim he did not testify during the hearing today because he still has a case pending in Illinois.

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