Russian missile strike hits crowded shopping mall in Ukraine
Image Courtesy: AP Photo

Russian long-range bombers launched a missile at a busy shopping center in Ukraine’s central city of Kremenchuk on Monday, prompting worries of an “unimaginable” number of victims in “one of the most daring terrorist assaults in European history,” according to President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

The city of criminal chuck had been spared Russian attacks. That’s why so many people were out of it. They thought they were safe.

Ukraine’s president Zelensky set 1000 people inside this shopping mall. Initial reports are several were killed when a Russian missile hit.

Earlier I spoke with president Sullivan ski about why he thinks Russia is being so brutal. There is an iconic photograph of you in butcher and you look exhausted. What was it like for you to see your fellow countrymen?

Executed on the streets, their hands fallen behind their backs, but it changed you. It was just so quiet since what happened. He was destroyed now I just didn’t know that this could be done by people who should be in 30 years previously. We had lived together in this virtual and in one country.

Why do you think this is happening there are now thousands of allegations of Russian warcraft here. Thousands of something were broken, but yeah with mentality with them something and not does young. This reminds me of.

A glue of people who have been starved. That it will have been a little locked up in prisons and then released and sent out with weapons saying that they would do what you want in the presidential institution that shopping mall attack today, like so many of Russia’s targets in this war had no military value.

In other news, G7 leaders revealed intentions to seek further sanctions in Germany’s Bavarian Alps and committed to continue backing Ukraine “for as long as it takes.” The leaders emphasized their “unwavering commitment to assisting the government and people of Ukraine in their courageous defense of their country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity” in a joint statement issued Monday following a video connection meeting with Zelenskyy.

In other news, the United States was set to announce the purchase of an upgraded surface-to-air missile system for Ukraine.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg revealed plans in Brussels to significantly expand the alliance’s rapid-response forces in response to a “period of strategic rivalry.” The NATO response force now consists of approximately 40,000 soldiers. When NATO leaders meet in Spain later this week, they will agree to provide additional military assistance to Ukraine, including secure communication and anti-drone systems, according to Stoltenberg.

Russia is expected to depend more on reserve forces in the next weeks, according to Britain’s defense ministry. According to analysts, Russia’s call-up of reservists might significantly shift the balance of the battle, but it could also have bad political ramifications for President Vladimir Putin’s government.

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