Vince McMahon allegedly paid $12 million in hush money to four women formerly associated with WWE
Vince McMahon allegedly paid $12 million in hush money to four women formerly associated with WWE

Vince McMahon has bodily paid over 12 million dollars over the last 16 years and spread accusations of sexual misconduct and infidelity a new report by the Wall Street Journal is claiming. This is a special breaking news edition because there’s too much news these days. This is the follow-up, of course.

To the Wall Street Journal’s own report back on the 15th of June about 3 weeks ago now that Brooklyn news Vince McMahon was being investigated by his own company, the board of directors had received.

Whistleblowing anonymous emails. About Vince McMahon allegedly well, not allegedly this part. It is confirmed he paid 3 million dollars to an ex-employee in exchange for her silence.

Because they had an In Victorian’s words by his attorney journey, Nicolette Jerry made Essential relationship essential relationship with someone.

He paid her money and then she left the company so she wouldn’t talk about it and that. That came out by someone emailing the Wall Street Journal and the board of directors.

What weird story is WWE gonna do this week and every now and again crazy large, potentially business-shaking industry disruptive?

Stories like this one. So let’s get into the specifics here from the Wall Street Journal which again is the same outlet that first broke those reports over three weeks ago reports that had a direct.

On WWE, because just the day after Vince McMahon announced he was stepping down or. A CEO of WWE would retain all other creative judges.

So, The allegation and that the report backstage is that nothing much has changed this business as usual and his daughter who left the company, Stephanie McMahon. Who the company then publicly buried on air. They said she wasn’t very good.

Like they’ll do it through a business insider article. They then brought her back to run. And they were sort of The theory is the speculation is she’s just there as a figurehead. Vince McMahon is still pulling all the strings.

So there’s this investigation going on. There are about 3 or four different law firms on the board of directors instructed to investigate Vince McMahon and any potential wrongdoing in hand while in charge of the company the board of directors, it’s important.

They’ve made up of W W E people like Vincent man. Stephanie, Triple H, and nick.The other half a business people from elsewhere. Prospective business backgrounds there may be sardine as champions of other companies or they are Business people who now just sit on the board. Those are the people who are. Running the investigation or at least instructing illegal firms to do the investigation.

So, I don’t know if this is from this investigation or if this is just more stuff the Wall Street Journal has found out. But What they’re claiming is that Vince McMahon Paid four women over the last 16 years to stop them from discussing potential legal claims about their relationships with him.

So this includes because they’ve broken down the four cases that they Which includes the 3 million hush packed that started this all off the one with the paralegal over the last year, two years, the one where. She had a 100000 dollar salary in the legal department and that went up to 200000 dollars around the time that this alleged affair was begun and that’s really the crux of the Investigation because. A consensual relationship between two people. And then you pay that person to not talk about it. It’s pretty gross, but it’s not illegal. It’s not something you can get fired from the company. You oh.

Ah, however, using a company’s money which publicly traded improperly. That’s serious. That could potentially loss of insulin management jobs. That’s kind of what the whole investigation is. So, To find out really. So let’s go through these.Other.The sort of hush pants that were unreported there was a 7.5 million dollars 1 um which was actually with a former wrestler.

Who alleged that McMahon coerced her into giving him oral sex and then demoted her and ultimately declined to renew her contract in 2005 after she resisted further sexual encounters according to people familiar with the matter.

A wrestler and her attorney apparently approached mister McMahon in and that’s when they settled on that payment. So pretty serious stuff because while the paralegal won the first allegation that came out.

That was Really seen as a consensual thing. Um, But this one. Ah, that sort of Alleges that the word direct ramifications.

The person’s job after The incident The other one. Um was an agreement reached a non-disclosure agreement reached in 2008. This was with a W W E contract. Of course, all the identities are anonymized here W W E contractor presented the company with unsolicited nude photos of mister McMahon that she reported receiving from him and alleged that he had sexually harassed her on the job that was a 2008 nondisclosure agreement signed and missed McMahon agreed to pay her 21 million dollars the report claims.

So that one is very interesting because. WWE would have been aware that one specifically says that the woman went to the company to say. This is where the boss of the company has gone.

He’s sent me some new photos. This means WWE can’t really play the Ignorance game if we didn’t know this person was doing badly.

Uh, and then in a 2006 agreement. A former manager who had worked ten years for Mr. McMahon before mister McMahon initiated allegedly a sexual relationship with her was paid 1 million dollars to keep quiet about it. So that one there are not many details there, uh, but it just seems like a consensual sexual relationship that Mr. McMahon paid 1 million dollars to not have talked about it.

And then there’s a 3 million dollar one that came out a couple of weeks ago. So foreign. Those are all over 12 years ago. If you look at the timeline, that’s 2005. 2006 and 2008 with the incidents. Although that 7.5 million dollars 1 with the former wrestler was only settled in.

So, yeah, It’s not looking good for if the investigation you would hope would find no more wrongdoing. This was an isolated case, but what we’ve got here is at least three other cases bringing the total to 4.

When you the companies It depends on the company how these relationships Super Dealt with a lot of companies say superiors should not have any relationships with the people underneath them. Uh, a famous example from McDonald’s recently where the Ceo lost his job because he had a consensual relationship with someone beneath him. One of his direct reports and.

But others, as you can see with Elon Musk, who had a relationship and had twins last year with her, that’s fine apparently. But like because in Tesla, uh, there are no rules against that. Usually, you would then move that person away from being a direct report so you wouldn’t have any awkward conflicts of interest or romantic involvement. You wanna keep everything professional.

But that’s, uh, It all depends on the company, but when you get into Payouts cover-ups. Um, non-disclosure agreements and Allegations of sexual misconduct That’s when it gets really merging So how will Vincent men React to this.

Uh, probably not great as we saw the last time the last one had him come out and smack down a roll and essentially go well. We’re all in this together, right? We’re on my side and. To play out to his ego. The live crowd cheered immersively.

He didn’t really the at least thing in cave that it doesn’t seem to have been that acknowledgment of the seriousness of the situation. Same will we see him appear on smackdown tonight, will we get a tweet coming out and a few hour’s time where Vince McMahon will speak on smack really he’ll just you know say a catch face again as a way to populate in a way to continue the interest in W W E that’s experiencing.

I would advise against that. I think this is where you are. You should step away while you’re being investigated. And really let the investigation do its job. I guess it is. An existential threat to the company that has only just become more complicated.

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