Hi people, we hope you’re having an amazing day today. We’re pretty good since each day we get new information about the upcoming Yellowstone season 5, the show has entered our lives back in 2018 and we cannot get over it since that date the show was following the Duttons of the family with lots of pride, wealth and baggage.

The Duttons are on one of the biggest and most valuable lands in the US as they are the owners of the Yellowstone ranch. Thanks to prequels. We saw that it wasn’t at all easy for the family to hold on to that land. However, it also saw that the family actually took over the lands from the local native Americans for free as they gifted it for seven generations.

We’re not sure if the modern Duttons are knowledgeable about the issue and yet we know for sure that the Yellowstone TV series will not have a happy ending merely because of this fact who’s worried regarding the future.

We believe this situation worries the cast members of the show as well since it’s a highly successful  TV series with millions of fans, the show was both blessed and cursed at the same time. It’s blessed because it’s very much beloved and enjoying mass success.

And yet it’s also cursed because the expectations of the fans are much higher than any other show. This means that in any case of not meeting the expectations. The show might receive a massive backlash which would impact the cast members in the worst way possible.

Even in season 4, which wasn’t as good as the season 3, the people were not pleased and thus quite harsh in their comments, even a shocking season finale could not redeem the rest of the season, which means that season 5 might be better than every previous season so that the show can get its glory back.

Now we all know that it’s quite difficult for the show to be bashed to the point that people would cancel it. However, they also have examples such as the game of thrones. Which was a global sensation one day and became a show that no one wants to remember the next day. So we don’t think any show is safe at this point. Therefore, if any cast members, let’s say coal hawser eventually leave the show at this point before it loses its mojo and wouldn’t be surprised at all.

We spread season 5 to be released on November 1322 now that there are only months left for the new season. The cast is as excited as the fans to welcome it as soon as possible currently the shooting of the new season is ongoing in Montana and we believe the first half of the episodes have already been completed.

Coal hazard is especially excited as his character is expected to go through a lot in season 5, his character ripped just got married to beth and in season 5 they will have their big wedding, however, they will also have to deal with Jimmy and what beth forced him to do. This means that rip will have to protect their best from their rage Jamie at all costs and perhaps sacrifice his own life to save her. Yes, you heard a right.

Many fans expect season 5 to be the last season that we see rip, which is heartbreaking to even think about despite this possibility, hawser seems quite happy about the way things are proceeding so far in the show as he is highly positive in his interviews. We just finished two and we started.

The first two episodes were fantastic, he said in a recent interview and continued, I love to assure it and has given me the opportunity to be a part of the bunkhouse to have wonderful scenes with John and beautiful scenes with beth. So you know is more of the same. I hate to say it, but the good thing is the writing is obviously top-notch. Again, scripts are getting better and better. I think 6, 4, 5, and 6 here and I just finished 6 and Taylor is just on fire right now as a.

Despite his promising words, we believe season 5 will be highly challenging for hawser and character ripped.

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